This is an overview of my various publications in Dutch and English. For my personal blogs and accompanying photographs, go here. For RE:War, my platform about World War II and remembrance culture, go here.

I enjoy thinking and writing about literature, history, art and politics, and the places where they intersect. I’m particularly interested in how nostalgia shapes our view of the past and our attempts to reclaim it.

De Optimist
This Dutch literary webzine published a personal essay I wrote about mental health, nostalgia for my childhood, and the sea.

  • “In mijn vel” (2019). Available to read here (in Dutch).

Paper for Memory, Nostalgia and the Politics of Space and Place (2019 conference, University of Brighton)
I submitted a proposal to the University of Brighton Centre for Memory, Narrative and Histories to present a paper at their 2019 interdisciplinary conference, Memory, Nostalgia and the Politics of Space and Place, and was asked to come by and present it. My paper incorporated personal travel experiences as well as secondary academic sources, and examined the curious phenomenon of communist-themed restaurants in several post-communist countries as well as currently communist countries.

  • “Cappucinos with Stalin: The aesthetics of nostalgia and the communist past as space in contemporary theme restaurants” (2019). Available to read here. PowerPoint available here.

F-site is a Dutch online archive for women’s history that seeks to reframe our collective view of who deserves to be remembered and why. I was asked to contribute several biographies about famous women in history, including Pocahontas, Empress Theodora, warrior princess Khutulun, and wrote about sexist views of prehistorical women, bog bodies and Venus figures,

Frame – Journal of Literary Studies
I wrote an article for Frame, Utrecht University’s faculty magazine, about the difficulties in writing a true war story about the Vietnam War that includes women.

  • “’Back in a World I Understood’: On True War Stories about Women in Vietnam” (2018). Available to read here.

I’ve written several personal essays and articles which I have published on Medium.com.

TXT Magazine
I’ve written two articles for the University of Leiden’s faculty magazine, TXT, which generally focuses on the creation, dissemination and adaptation of books and texts as objects.

  • “Mightier than the sword: America’s librarians and books as weapons during World War II” (2017). Theme of this issue: ‘Navigating seas of text’. Available to read here.
  • “Whispering a tale of hope: on book collecting and the spirit of resistance during Hitler’s ‘Bibliocaust’” (2018). Theme of this issue: ‘Navigating the stacks’.

I was a staff writer for the Dutch feminist webzine Vileine from 2016-2017. I regularly contributed articles and reviews about books, films, art and women’s history.

I have also translated articles from English to Dutch, and vice versa.

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