Shutterspeed: Kuala Lumpur

In 2015 I travelled to New Zealand and Indonesia, an incredible trip which led to the start of this blog. To cut the 24-hour flight to Auckland in half we decided to take 48 hours off in the city where we had to transfer, Kuala Lumpur. As it turned out, 48 hours were enough, Southeast Asian cities being what they are – noisy, busy and rather smelly – but Kuala Lumpur was well worth a visit nonetheless, presenting a unique mixture of different religions, architecture styles and cuisines.

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Short story: Cambodia Remembers

A while ago I had to write a one-page short story for my Modern English Lit class. It had to be “life writing”, so based on a real-life experience, preferably my own. In class we had to form groups and peer review each other’s stories, and select the best one. All nominated stories would be eligible for publication in a magazine called Anglophile. I’m proud to say that despite a lack of enthusiasm from my peers in class, my professor selected my story, along with five others, to be read by Anglophile! I’ve had no word on publication yet, but I wanted to share it here, as I’m a bit proud of it. I wrote one page on an experience I had while travelling in Cambodia three years ago.

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