Histourism: Life in Utrecht during World War II

Last Sunday, May 3rd, was one of Utrecht's Cultural Sundays, meaning that throughout the city, there were activities and exhibitions based on a certain theme. This week's theme was "Utrecht 40/45," because on the 5th of May 2015, we celebrated 70 years of liberation from Nazi Germany. On May 4th, at 8 pm, we always have... Continue Reading →

Histourism: The old Dutch line of defense (Waterlinie)

Yesterday, I went for a bicycle ride along a part of the Waterlinie close to Utrecht: the area between Fort de Gagel and Fort Ruijgenhoek, to be precise, where there's a very young forest, planted just 15 years ago. It's a lovely place for a spring outing, with lots of birdlife and awakening flowers. The... Continue Reading →

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